The Doors of Cartagena, Spain!

The Doors of Cartagena, Spain!

Arriving in Cartagena, Spain, for the first time, I did not realize what a gorgeous port town I was about to see!

In the 16th century, this was one of the most important naval stations in Spain.  It is still a significant naval seaport for Spain and home to a large naval shipyard.

At first sight there is a wall separating the Old Town from the port so there was not much to look at, with the exception of some beaches and commercial ship yards. Given the history of this place, imagine our surprise once we got off the ship and walked past the wall.

We were amazed with the unique tile and cobblestone streets, not-to-mention, a friendly marketplace surrounded by unbelievably beautiful architecture that obviously dated back to the 16th century.  I was instantly in love with this absolutely charming historic town.   As we walked through the streets, I could not shake the feeling that there was so much history behind each of these walls.

I started to notice the incredible doors outlining the entryway of each building.   Each entryway had stories to tell and I was intrigued.   As I photographed the beautiful doors, one by one, I was imagining the people that had walked in and out of those doors, wondered how they lived, wondered how they laughed, cried and loved.  The stories that each of them would tell whispered to me as I passed each one.

Perhaps you may have a story to share about some the people that lived behind one of these doors?

Door #1

Who lives behind this door?

Door #2

Share your story!

Door #3

Knock, Knock!

Door #4

Who calls this door home?

Door #5


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