Living our best lives even when we can not Cruise!

This week I thought it would be fun to share how we are living our best lives even though we cannot get out and travel they way we would like.  It has been six months since we have been free to go and do what we want, when we want.   I have binge watched every series that Netflix offers and have decided that I don’t want to leave this earth knowing that I did not live my life doing the things that ignite passion in me or make me happy.  Sometimes it is fun to watch good programing on TV but come on folks, I am over it!  My focus the past few weeks has been figuring out how to get back to being my adventurous, passionate and energetic self.   I started with a vow to keep my TV turned off for the entire weekend two weeks ago.  This was a real personal challenge for me given that I have gotten into the habit of switching on the TV and sitting on my derriere for hours on end binge watching Netflix.  Instead, I spent the weekend deep cleaning my house and organizing my closets.   I got rid of a lot of material things that were down right weighing me down.  I also made a healthy grocery list and did some meal prepping which helped me stay on a great diet throughout the week.  I bought a used bike and have been pedaling instead of watching TV.   I also started to meditate again.   I like the Deepak Choprah and Oprah 21 ay meditations.   They are 15 to 20 minutes long which is enough to inspire and calm me and short enough to keep me from falling asleep.   I am starting to feel energy flowing through my veins again… like old times…before COVID 19.   I am no longer bound by the next Netflix episode and hungry to start living my life in the NOW again. 

This weekend, I met up with my fellow cruise lady and we grabbed our beach chairs and headed out the ocean.   We plopped down our chairs, sat a while enjoying the breathtaking views, sounds of the waves and the funny birds that were parading in front of us.   We decided to get into the water not knowing how strong under current was.   In water mid-thigh deep, neither of us could stay erect after the white caps crashed and the under-current pulled our bodies into the surf.   There we were, two mature women rolling around in the surf laughing as we tried and tried to stand only to get toppled again by the crashing waves.   We had so much fun at the beach and decided that we were very hungry, so we stopped by the 302 Cafe which is local restaurant that does a really good job with social distancing.  We sat at the bar and had a really good conversation with the General Manager.  We learned so much about the operation of the restaurant and we learned that they locally source all of the products they use to the best of their ability and that they do not freeze anything serving only fresh, farm to table.  I knew their food was special. It was so fun and informative nice to get the inside scoop.

Living in the now allowed us to genuinely enjoy the world around us while belly laughing to the point of exhaustion.  It also gave us the space and time to have a meaningful conversation and learn about one of our local favorite restaurants.   I will now have a totally different experience when I go into that restaurant and I will look at the surf reports before heading out to the beach… or not!

I can not wait to see what next weekend has in store for us.  Let us know how you are living your best life during this pandemic event.   Cannot wait to hear from you.