Our Story

We still meet for the occasional Happy Hour at a local riverside bar.   We decided that if we could no longer wait to have the fairytale relationship in order to travel and do the things we wanted to do in life.  We booked our first weekend cruise and the rest is history.  We learned that we have to start living where we are!  Since, we have had many crazy and unforgettable adventures and have seen some amazing sights.  We love to travel the world and cruising is an affordable way to truly unwind, see the world, meet new people, share amazing experiences and pamper ourselves.  We have learned to navigate (pun intended) the cruising world and have learned how to make each vacation the best we have ever had.  We have made mistakes along the way and we would like to help you navigate and learn from our mistakes to make your Cruise the adventure of a lifetime!  Do not waste your time on TGIF happy hours only to go home and stay in the same old rut!   If you like to experience life and see the world, please hang with us!  We will post videos that will give you tips and step by step instructions as well as videos to show you special hidden treasures that we have come across in our travels!

Soon you will be saying,  Wow!

Bon voyage is my favorite phrase!